SHIMS DMS-4-828 FROZEN 0.040X2"X18"

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Sold by: sheets size (0.040x2x18 inches).

Epoxy-filled liquid resin used to shim gaps in metal and composite assemblies in airframe assemblies and equipment alignment applications.

Moldable shims are also used in a wide variety of equipment alignment applications as well as land, air and sea applications.


  • Shimming gaps and offsets at the assembly level (metal and composites)
    • Cast in place shim, forming complex contours on parts machined undersize at detail level
    • Close tolerance molding to produce accurate and identical parts
    • Repair of dents, holes and faring applications
    • Economical correction of tooling
    • Alignment of heavy machine or motor parts
    • Alignment of propulsion systems (marine applications, chocking)


For more information regarding the danger of the product, please consult the product safety data sheet according to local regulation. Please address any questions or comments to SOCOMORE Technical Support. For industrial use only.

Directions for use

Estimate the amount of shim material needed for the job. Weigh into a container that can be heated, to the nearest gram, the base material needed. Heat the weighed base material to room temperature 75-80ºF (24-27ºC).While base material is warming, weigh into an inert container the proper amount of catalyst for the warming base material: DMS-4-828: 14.4 parts catalyst per 100 base material DMS-4-828 LC: 12.2 parts catalyst per 100 base material DMS-4-828 FA: 17.9 parts catalyst per 100 base material When base material has reached desired temperature, add measured amount of catalyst material and mix thoroughly. The DMS-4-828 Moldable Shim Material is now ready for use. Application time is approximately 45 minutes depending on the temperature of the material and the temperature of the substrate to which it was applied. If a bubble-free mixture is required, the mixed (base material and catalyst mixture) can be centrifuged for three minutes at 1500 rpm @ 75-80ºF (24-27ºC).The DMS-4-828 Moldable Shim Material is designed for room temperature cure, however, cure can be accelerated by moderate heating. Maximum properties can be obtained by heating to 120ºF (50ºC) for a period of two hours. The DMS-4-828 Moldable Shim Material can also be supplied in 50 and 100 g. field kits. It comes packaged in an aluminum “rip top” can with the pre-measured amount of catalyst packaged in a disposable syringe. To use the field kits, warm the base material to 75-80ºF (24-27ºC). Remove the “rip top” lid and empty the contents of the pre-measured syringe into the base material and mix thoroughly with the supplied spatula.


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Additional Information

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Shelf Life Months:
3 month
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